Steps To See Who Stalks You On Instagram

How to see who stalks you on Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular social media application nowadays. It is the safest place but some freak users make it annoying. They stalk your profile and make this amazing app the worst place. So to find and see who Stalks you On Instagram go through the below details.

Stalkers are everywhere around you. Either they mix up with people or pop up all of a sudden. Stalking is real life is a bit different from social media. Social media has become a new platform for those who want to stalk a person they know or don’t. We randomly post pictures on our social media accounts unaware of the fact that someone might be maliciously utilizing those pictures. Instagram is a platform widely used by young people mostly and these are the ones who get in the eyes of stalkers. 

The question arises as to how to see who stalks you on Instagram. There are several. Ways to check this as technology is advanced and we live in a modern world. Let’s find out

Check Who Saw Your Stories Daily to find Instagram Stalker

Instagram stories are a one-day concept that disappears after 24 hours of your story. In this period, for those who have watched your Instagram story, the names and ids appear in the left bottom corner. You are already aware of the people who follow you on Instagram. But people other than followers can be termed, stalkers. 

But, not everyone who watches your story and does not follow you is the stalker. Some of them can be termed as a passerby. The reason behind this is simple. A passerby is a person who comes to your profile just once and never returns. They are not real stalkers. The people whom you see regularly are the real stalkers. 

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Steps to See who stalks you on Instagram

See Who Stalks You On Instagram

Step 1– Post a story daily for a week and see your non-followers. 

Step 2– After posting the story, give some time. Check your story views after a few hours to find out who the real stalker is. Repeat this process daily.

Step 3– This is the final step where you check out people in your viewer’s list daily.


The next bigger step that you need to take is to critically analyze the order of views on your Instagram story. For doing so, get your hands on the Instagram algorithm.

First, Instagram only displays the most relevant people on the top to show you who is a more engaging follower of yours. In the same way, your stories will be shown to the most relevant people on their Instagram. So, as soon as you post your story, the statistics are displayed in chronological order. 

This means that the people who view your story just after you post will appear on the top of your list. As the number of viewers increases, the algorithm plays its part and the chronological order gets disrupted. This algorithm plays its role in your story right after around 50 people view your story. 

Now let’s find out how this ranking changes.

It ranks the users based on relevance as to how frequently a person is reacting to your story. The users on the top are the most interactive ones. The Instagram algorithm was said to be leaked once in the form of a code that determined the same thing. Even your interaction with a person on Facebook or Whatsapp can affect this algorithm. If someone who doesn’t follow you and shares your story to other people but still appears on the top of the list is probably your stalker. 

Besides this, there are a few apps that you can use to see who stalks you on Instagram. Let’s analyze.

  1. Profile + Followers and Profile Trackers: With this app, you can even see who sees your Instagram profile. For all the activities taking place behind your back on your Instagram, such as who is stalking your profile, who is saving your posts or who is blocking you by sending you the notifications. 
  2. Follower Analyzer for Instagram App: this app lets you have a third eye on your stalkers. If you have questions as to how to see who is stalking your profile or view your Instagram video, the answer is this app.
  3. Followers Insight for Instagram: this app has a different perspective as it makes a report. It also sends push notifications when someone is interacting with your profile. 
  4. InReports: Coming to the apps on how to find Instagram stalkers, this app is the one you can’t ignore even if you want to. The answer to your question comes with this app itself.

You can also use Instagram Analytics to solve your query. As it has already been said that you are living in the modern era and not the era of the 90s, were finding out who is stalking you always remains an unanswered question. These apps are your go-to solutions and all you need to know is how to utilize them effectively. 

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