How to Solve Error 56 in Cisco VPN

How to Solve Error 56 In Cisco VPN?

After reading this article, you should be able to correctly identify what causes Cisco VPN Error 56. Why it happens and how to Solve error 56 in Cisco VPN.

You’ve probably heard of Cisco VPN in the same sentence before. If you’re searching for a provider that provides excellent service at a fair price, this is a must-consider option. Cisco is a well-known name in the cyber defense field, and AnyConnect is the company’s most well-known VPN service. With very strong encryption, leak protection, and standards, AnyConnect supports a wide range of platforms, and network architectures, and expands as enterprises grow.

Though Cisco is very much reputable, Cisco VPN does not have everything working for it; it has problems, and when we say faults, we really mean faults. When using Cisco AnyConnect VPN to surf the web, there are several major difficulties and errors that often irritate users. One of the most commonly faced errors is “error 56”. In the article, we will be explaining what causes Error 56 in Cisco VPN. 

What is Cisco VPN Error 56?

When the Cisco VPN Client malfunctions or crashes while it is operating, Error Code 56 appears as an obnoxious alert on your display unless it has been managed and fixed. It even appears during the installation of a Windows operating system on occasion. When Error 56 appears during the execution of the same program, your PC may crash. Overall, when your VPN is unable to open or crashes in a few circumstances, this error 56 displays on your screen.

Note: The Cisco VPN Error 56 occurs in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Vista.

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Causes and Ways To Fix Error 56 in Cisco VPN 

Cisco VPN Error is a message that displays on your screen when you try to connect to a Cisco-authorized Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. Error 56 in Cisco VPN client usually occurs when the computer running the client software isn’t able to communicate with the gateway. This can happen because of any number of reasons, but there are some definite possibilities that you will want to check out if this issue occurs to you. let’s talk about it in-depth down below: 

Device Incompatibility 

Cisco is consistently updating its VPN Client to manage and fix bugs and if your device is not suitable for the latest version, this can be one reason for VPN crashes. You should avoid VPNs that are not compatible with your device; otherwise, you may get unexpected errors while using it.

Cisco VPN Client is Not Registered to the Cisco Smart Install Service

The Error 56 in Cisco VPN might happen because the user has not yet registered the Cisco VPN Client with the Smart Install Service. This normally happens when you cannot connect to your network with the client, or if it’s already registered then you may see this error when installing a new version of your client. The most common reason for this issue is that you are trying to install an older version of Cisco VPN onto a computer that is running Windows 7 or 8. 

If you are attempting to install an older version on a machine running Windows 10, then please ensure that all possible tasks like rebooting, refreshing, or restarting networking and antivirus services have been completed before attempting installation.

Your Firewall Software is Blocking the VPN Client

Another common reason that you might be seeing Error 56 in Cisco VPN is that your firewall software is blocking your VPN client from establishing a connection with the Smart Install Service. Here are some things to try if you are unable to connect because of this error: First, make sure that your firewall software has been disabled. Second, if you are behind a NAT firewall then make sure that port UDP1905 is open. Third, if you are using Cisco Adaptive Authentication with your VPN client, make sure that it has also been disabled.

Your Computer is Unplugged or Disconnected

The Cisco VPN Client needs an active internet connection to interact with the Cisco Smart Install Service. If your computer is not plugged in or is disconnected from the internet or you may have accidentally disabled the internet from being accessible, then any attempt to establish a VPN connection will fail. If you have this problem, just enable your network connection and then try again. In some cases, it may be necessary to reboot the device in order to refresh it with a new internet routing table.

A less common reason for error 56 might be that you are trying to connect through a router or firewall without any sort of proper access point setup. To fix this, make sure your device has an active connection before attempting further connection attempts on your own end. VPN has multiple Benefits Of Using a VPN on Public Wifi.

Router Firewall is Blocked

 If you are using a router for your Cisco VPN service, it is possible that the router or firewall is blocking the incoming and outgoing connections. This can be fixed through the use of bypassing rules to allow VPN connections and traffic through the device. If you do not know how to create these rules, contact your internet service provider or the manufacturer of your router to find out how they do it.

Certificate Issue

This issue is sometimes experienced when the content of the original certificate or its revocation date has expired. If this occurs, make sure to re-download and install the certificate and re-issue it on your device. The certificate does not need to be signed on both sides of your connection, but it is necessary that you have a valid one installed on both ends of the connection.

Your Device May Have Malware

Another reason you’re seeing error 56 on your Cisco VPN is that there are corrupted files on your computer which are causing the app to generate an error. This type of malware can come in the form of a maliciously modified TLS configuration file or through an infected. DLL file that’s not signed properly. Running antivirus software will also alert you to this type of malware.

Virus Scanner is Running

Antivirus software sometimes has to scan all files as it’s trying to scan for viruses. If you’re currently using such a scanner and it’s scanning the files that your Cisco VPN client got from Cisco, then this could be causing error 56. Shutting down your antivirus software will allow the Cisco VPN client to install correctly and stop the error 56 from appearing.

Your VPN Client Is Not Properly Installed 

This error is generated when you are trying to make a connection with the Cisco VPN client software. The cause of this error is the Cisco VPN Client not being properly installed on your computer. The default firewall rules state that all traffic from a certain Internal Network must be allowed to traverse through it by default, which would prevent your device from connecting to a specific External Network through our Cisco VPN gateway.

To solve this problem, double-check that the VPN client software has been installed correctly and has permission to run on your device.
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You May Have Deleted Any Cisco Related File or Folder

If you face error 56 on your Cisco VPN, then you have accidentally deleted any Cisco file from your computer. Many VPN users have reported the problem after deleting the Cisco VPN folder. When there are missing files required for proper connection with your VPN provider. If any of these files are missing, then error 56 will appear immediately after trying to start the software or connecting to a VPN server for the first time in a browser window or app on your PC or mobile device. So, to solve this issue, try to reinstall the software package completely and try again to launch the software. 

If you are not sure if you have deleted this file, restart your computer and try to connect again.

Those were the most typical causes of Cisco VPN Error 56. We went over them in-depth, as well as possible remedies to the problem. If none of the aforementioned solutions work for you, Cisco has a customer service team ready to help. So make an attempt to contact them; they will almost certainly be able to help you solve your problems.