Cisco VPN Review

Cisco VPN Review 2024 – Is Cisco VPN Safe?

Cisco is one of the best companies that provide excellent software that makes your productivity strong. Among its multiple software here we are going to read Cisco VPN Review, which is the world’s most popular software of the company.

Cisco VPN is known as Cisco AnyConnect developed by industry-leading Cisco Systems. Cisco is a worldwide leader in the networking industry. They released Cisco VPN on 27 July 2010. Cisco VPN supports platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Today, in this article we will review Cisco VPN based on the following topics:

  • How does cisco VPN work?
  • What are the features of Cisco VPN?
  • Is it safe to use Cisco VPN?
  • Is it free to use Cisco VPN?
  • How much does Cisco VPN Services cost?
  • Customer support and Pros and Cons.

How does Cisco VPN work?

Cisco VPN Work

First, let’s understand how Cisco VPN works and how capable it is of securing our privacy. Cisco VPN provides secure remote access to enterprises so that their employees can work from any location, any time, on any devices whether personal phone, laptop, pc or they use business devices with this VPN. In other words, VPN encrypts your connection and extends your browsing capability. They use Cisco head servers including their Cisco secure firewall, Integrated Services Routers, and Identity Services Engine.

What are the features of Cisco VPN?

  • They provide VPN access through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IPsec IKEv2.
  • Inbuilt VPN web security protects your network against dangerous web malware and lets you use the web page safely.
  • It Verifies users through a Multi authentication factor to avoid unauthorized access.

Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).

  • It encrypts your network with unique encryption such as MACsec IEEE 802.1AE.
  • Secure Network Analytics.
  • Network Visibility Module
  • Network Access Manager
  • With the help of Cisco endpoint security, unwanted malware and attack will be visible.

Cisco Identity Services Engine.

  • Cisco Umbrella roaming security gives you security at DNS (Domain Name System) layer level which protects you against phishing attacks, malware, etc. whether your devices are on or off, or you forgot to turn off or turn on the VPN.

Is it safe to use Cisco VPN?

Cisco VPN Free

Cisco VPN puts users’ security and privacy at priority. It is secured with an end-to-end connection. The VPN access through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IPsec IKEv2.

Is it free to use Cisco VPN?

Cisco VPN Free

Although downloading Cisco VPN is free. For step-ups you need to purchase their License. They have lots of Licenses for different users we will discuss in a moment. 

How much does Cisco VPN Services cost? Prices Cisco VPN Review

After knowing the services of VPN let’s take a Cisco VPN Cost Review. This will inform you whether the VPN is reasonable to buy for you or not.

Their services are known as Cisco Subscription Licenses:

Plus subscription Licenses: 

starts with code – L-AC-PLS-LIC=, Start with $3.99. Please note the quantity of users is a minimum of 25 and the length of the term is 36 months by default. you adjust it later.

If you are buying a License from a Cisco reseller account, then you need to based on SKU duration and number of users.

For Plus Subscription License please refer to table 1:

Table 1

Term license SKUDescription Number of users
L-AC-PLS-LIC=L-AC-PLS-5Y-S1Cisco AnyConnect Plus – 5-Year License25-99
L-AC-PLS-LIC=L-AC-PLS-5Y-S2Cisco AnyConnect Plus – 5-Year License100-249
L-AC-PLS-LIC=L-AC-PLS-5Y-S3Cisco AnyConnect Plus – 5-Year License250-499
L-AC-PLS-LIC=L-AC-PLS-5Y-S4Cisco AnyConnect Plus – 5-Year License500-999
L-AC-PLS-LIC=L-AC-PLS-5Y-S5Cisco AnyConnect Plus – 5-Year License1,000-2,499

Apex subscription License

Start with code – L-AC-APX-LIC=, Start with $6.99

Anyconnect Apex License is suitable for those who were familiar and previously served by the Cisco AnyConnect Premium, Shared, Flex, and Advanced Endpoint Assessment Licenses.

 Following services are packed with Apex subscription License:

  • Network Visibility Module
  •  VPN Tunnel
  • AML Authentication
  • VPN compliance and posture agent (HostScan)
  • ASA multi context-mode remote access

For the Apex subscription license please refer to table 2:

Table 2

Term license SKUDescription Number of users
L-AC-APX-LIC=L-AC-APX-5Y-S1Cisco AnyConnect Apex – 5-Year License25-99
L-AC-APX-LIC=L-AC-APX-5Y-S2Cisco AnyConnect Apex – 5-Year License100-249
L-AC-APX-LIC=L-AC-APX-5Y-S3Cisco AnyConnect Apex – 5-Year License250-499
L-AC-APX-LIC=L-AC-APX-5Y-S4Cisco AnyConnect Apex – 5-Year License500-999
L-AC-APX-LIC=L-AC-APX-5Y-S5Cisco AnyConnect Apex – 5-Year License1,000-2,499
  • Perpetual License:

Plus perpetual – To Buy a perpetual License, note down its code starting with L-AC-PLS-P-G. After that, you will need to choose a number of users from a range of unique users who use any connect plus services. Perpetual Licenses mean it gives you the right to use your License for a VPN-only period.

 Following services are packed with Plus perpetual License:

  • FIPS compliance
  • Windows supplicant IEEE 802.1X
  • Cisco Umbrella Roaming agent for Windows and macOS (Umbrella Roaming services are licensed separately.)
  • Cisco Secure Endpoint (Cisco Secure Endpoint is licensed separately.)
  • Basic endpoint
  • Cisco Cloud Web Security agent Windows and macOS platforms (Cloud Web Security services are licensed separately.)

For specific SKUs please refer to the below table:

Table 3

Perpetual LicenseUsers License DescriptionSKUs
L-AC-PLS-P-GAC-PLS-P-25-SCisco AnyConnect Plus – Perpetual License/25 Unique UsersCON-EMCU-ACPL25
L-AC-PLS-P-GAC-PLS-P-50-SCisco AnyConnect Plus – Perpetual License/50 Unique UsersCON-EMCU-ACPL50
L-AC-PLS-P-GAC-PLS-P-100-SCisco AnyConnect Plus – Perpetual License/100 Unique UsersCON-EMCU-ACPL100
L-AC-PLS-P-GAC-PLS-P-250-SCisco AnyConnect Plus – Perpetual License/250 Unique UsersCON-EMCU-ACPL250

Cisco VPN Perpetual Licenses: 

This License is purchased only for a specific number of maximum Concurrent Connections for ASA(Adaptive Security Appliance) headend devices. This VPN-only perpetual License suits those who want to use this, especially for remote access VPN. 

Following services are packed with VPN only perpetual License:

  • SAML Authentication
  • FIPS compliance
  • posture conjunction with  Adaptive Security Appliance.

For specific SKUs please refer to table 4:

Table 4  

Spare LicenseDescriptionSWSS SKU
L-AC-VPNO-25=Perpetual License/25 Concurrent ConnectionsCON-EMCU-ACVO25
L-AC-VPNO-50=Perpetual License/50 Concurrent ConnectionsCON-EMCU-ACV50
L-AC-VPNO-100=Perpetual License/100 Concurrent ConnectionsCON-EMCU-ACVO100
L-AC-VPNO-250=Perpetual License/250 Concurrent ConnectionsCON-EMCU-ACVO250
L-AC-VPNO-500=Perpetual License/500 Concurrent ConnectionsCON-EMCU-ACVO500

Note: You need to purchase Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS) and maintain it separately for all software access and technical support.

  • With all licenses you will get support and major updates of anyconnect so that you can use their new features soon after they are released.
  • For additional anyconnect licenses and prices of licenses, you can contact cisco.
  • For more terms and more user ranges licenses please visit Cisco’s official website.

Cisco Customer Support Review

Cisco has strong customer support for its users. You connect to cisco support through the following channels:

  • 24/7 telephone support.
  • Online live Chat support depends on local business hours.
  • Email support.
  • Support from Cisco Community forums.

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Advantages Of Cisco VPN:

Advantages of Cisco VPN
  • It has strong encryption.
  • It’s easy to use and set up.
  • VPN Tunneling.
  • VPN Connectivity.
  • Security.

Disadvantages of Cisco VPN:

Disadvantages Of Cisco VPN
  • Not always stable.
  • No auto-reconnect if the connection drops.
  • Slow Speed.
  • Multiple server handling.

Conclusion: Cisco VPN Review

In this Cisco VPN Review, you will get all the details about the Cisco VPN connection. Cisco Anyconnect is developed by a leading industry Cisco system. And it’s any connected VPN is the flagship package. With secure remote access, device protection, and a strong encrypted network.