Cancel VPN Subscription

How to cancel VPN Subscription?

It is really true, As there are some companies who state “that you can easily cancel VPN subscription at any time” but hide their cancellation instructions in terms & conditions within their website.

So to find ways to cancel a VPN plan subscription we have bought this guide, wherein you will know the information on how to cancel VPN subscription on iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac.

As there are many VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Samsung Max VPN, Turbo VPN, and many more, which users like to use. And sometimes face subscription issues.

Steps To Cancel VPN Subscription On Android

If you subscribed to any VPN subscription or plan on your Android device and somehow unsatisfactory for any reason. You may look for an unsubscription. Here are simple steps that you easily can follow in order to cancel your VPN subscription:

  1. Open Play store & download VPN
  2. Sign in to the VPN Account.
  3. Go on towards the menu and click on it.
  4. Select the VPN subscription that you have chosen earlier
  5. There will be a Cancel subscription button that will be shown on the screen, tap on that

(By following all of the steps, you easily will be able to deactivate the VPN subscription)

How To Cancel VPN Subscription On iPhone?

How To Cancel VPN Subscription On iPhone

Now there could be many people who may have subscribed to any plans of VPN through their iPhone yet as they want to unsubscribe it. But they do not know the steps correctly. So, keeping that in our minds we have shortlisted some of the steps by which you can easily cancel the VPN subscription such as:

  1. Open setting app
  2. Go on iTunes or AppStore
  3. Click on the Apple Id
  4. Sign in with your Apple ID
  5. There will be a subscription button shown to you, lead straight down on the page, there you will find the subscription button.
  6. Click on the VPN subscription you want to inspect.
  7. Click on the “Cancel subscription button” thereafter, your VPN plan will be canceled forever.  
  8. However, if you do not see anywhere the cancel subscription then, it probably means that your plan has already been canceled.

If in case you don’t want to cancel your subscription for permanent, then you might also check for How To Turn Off VPN On iPhone?

Ways To Cancel VPN Subscription On PC

In case if you have subscribed to any of the VPN plans on your pc, and want to discontinue by following the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Sign in to your VPN account from the PC 
  2. Search for your VPN subscription,
  3. Thereafter, a tab showing “manage” will appear in the window.
  4. Afterward, “cancel subscription” will appear, and by tapping on that, your subscription will be canceled forever.

(In case the cancel subscription tab doesn’t appear, it means that your plan must have been canceled before)

Cancel VPN Subscription On Mac

Afterward, there could be some people who may have subscribed to the VPN plan on mac and now wants to unsubscribe it. Some basic steps are: 

  1. Visit app store
  2. Secondly, Sign in to your account
  3. Then, an icon as “person” will appear
  4. Click on that icon
  5. Thereafter, an option called subscription will appear
  6. Click on that subscription option
  7. An option like manage will come, click on that 
  8. Afterward, click on that VPN subscription that will appear right after clicking the manage option 
  9. Lastly, your “cancel subscription” tab will appear. Click on that. 

Hope, that by following the above steps, you will be able to unsubscribe the VPN subscription.

The Bottom Line – Ways To Cancel VPN Subscription On Android, iPhone, Mac & PC

As we have gone through the entire analysis of ways to cancel the VPN subscription. You came to now understand how does that work with all the steps being involved here in this article. Moreover, we believe that guide on the topic must have been quite helpful for you Furthermore, all the information provided under this guide has been based on our true analysis of ways to cancel a VPN subscription.

How Can You Cancel Free VPN Subscription?

Canceling the free VPN subscription depends absolutely on where have you purchased the VPN service like from Windows or Android. 
For Android:
Sign in to your Account
Find on subscription settings
Click on the cancel subscription

From the window or from the company’s official website:

Visit the website, afterward add on your details or simply log in and then after canceling your VPN subscription easily.

Frequently Based Questions

You may have queries regarding the VPN subscription. Therefore, we have given our possible best answer to the topmost queries such as: 

How Do I Completely Cancel My VPN Subscription?

To cancel your VPN subscription, completely depends upon which device have you purchased the VPN from whether it’s from the official website or from android or iPhone, etc. For that different procedures have been mentioned under the above guide on ways to cancel a VPN subscription.

Is it safe to cancel VPN Subscription?

Yes, If you do not want to use the services of a free or paid VPN then you can cancel your subscription easily.