NordVPN apple tv review

NordVPN Apple TV Review 2024 – Is NordVPN Apple TV Safe?

Apple TV offers an amazing TV viewing experience when it comes to watching your favorite shows online. But if you are a frequent online show streamer, it might be possible that you must have come across some problems just like on other streaming platforms be it any. In this article, we will discuss the services of NordVPN to explore the services of this software. how it will work on Apple tv. To know about each and every feature of software go with the NordVPN Apple TV Review.

If you come across any NordVPN Apple TV Review, you will understand the various benefits of using the NordVPN service. But, when it comes to using the VPN service on Apple TV, things get a bit complicated. To ease this, let’s read ahead about the must-knows of the NordVPN on Apple TV. 

How to Use NordVPN Apple TV?

You must be wondering if NordVPN Apple TV is available or not. The answer is no. You cannot directly use the NordVPN on the Apple TV. 

To use this VPN connection on your Apple TV you will need to install it in such a manner that your Apple TV allows you to use it. To understand further, Apple TVs don’t allow the usage of any VPN software. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot secure your internet network service with a VPN connection. Hence, we can follow a few enumerated ways to use NordVPN Apple TV – 

  1. You can set up NordVPN directly on your WiFi router. 
  2. Take the extra mile to share your NordVPN Apple TV connection.
  3. Setting up Smart DNS on your Apple TV.

How to Install NordVPN Apple TV? NordVPN Apple TV Review

How to install NordVPN Apple TV

You Can Set up NordVPN Directly on Your WiFi Router. 

The most common and easily accessible way to set up a VPN connection on your Apple TV is to set up a NordVPN directly on your WiFi router. But before that, you also need to check and make sure that your router is compatible with VPN connections. 

The process of setting this setup will involve the following steps – 

  • Find the IP address of your router.
  • Login to your router by typing either or, along with your credentials. (Contact your Internet service provider for your credentials in case you don’t know them.) 
  • Find a place to set up your VPN connection by exploring the settings options, and now you will be able to set up the NordVPN connection configuration on your router.

The added benefit of configuring the NordVPN directly on the router involves covering the other IoT devices under your WiFi connection as well. Hence, any device connected to your network will now be covered under a secured network. Although, the NordVPN connection does have a device limit attached to itself. This means a total of 6 devices are covered under this secured network at once. 

How to Connect Your Router Directly to NordVPN Apple TV?

Now, if you don’t want to connect your router directly to the NordVPN itself, there can be another method of doing so as well. You can use the NordVPN on your laptop and now use the same laptop as a router to connect to your Apple TV. You must note that Mac laptops currently do not support this function as discussed above. Hence, setting the VPN connection on a Windows computer can prove to be effective here. 

You can use the NordVPN Apple TV through mobile phones and wireless connections.

Setting up NordVPN Smart DNS on Apple TV

Talking about Smart DNS, it has its benefits. Fortunately, NordVPN supports the Smart DNS feature. Follow these steps to  set up Smart DNS on your NordVPN connection for your Apple TV:

  1. 1. In your VPN Account Whitelist your IP address
  2. Go to General > Network in your Apple TV
  3. Click on the WiFi option
  4. Select Configure DNS > Manual
  5. Enter the Smart DNS server address as mentioned by your NordVPN service. 
  6. For NordVPN, set Primary DNS: Set Secondary DNS (if available):

How to Get NordVPN Apple TV Connection?

The NordVPN doesn’t allow direct installation on your Apple TV. This is common because the operating systems are not built to be compatible with these Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). But, as discussed above, we can set up the VPN in such a manner that you will be able to stream your favorite shows online on Apple TV while on a safe and secure network connection which is the NordVPN. 

Also, once you get the NordVPN on your router, you will be able to connect other VPN non-compatible devices to a stable and secure network connection we just helped you establish!

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Conclusion NordVPN Apple TV Review

In conclusion, Geographic blocks as placed make it difficult sometimes to access the NordVPN Apple TV from your Mac Laptop or iPhone. On the other hand, Apple has set up the best detection systems for its software and devices. But NordVPN proves to be effective against all these detective systems. If you set up this VPN on your TV then you can easily access different streaming platforms. It will keep your online OTT platform streaming safe and entertaining. NordVPN works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many other different streaming platforms too.

Now that you have all the information gathered about the use and installation of NordVPN on your Apple TV, thus you can start enjoying all the restricted content to stream your favorite shows on Apple TV no matter in which country you are!

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Does NordVPN work with Apple products?

Yes, NordVPN works with Apple products. It supports macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux also.

Can NordVPN work with Apple TV?

NordVPN is incapable of working with Apple TV directly.